Our Services are individually designed for each client. Emily and Frank Vogl work directly with the clients and do not delegate to junior executives. Our Services tend to be directly with very senior executives. We operate with both private sector and public sector institutions. 


Our work in this area on behalf of clients relates exclusively to a full range of media relations activities. We assist leading institutions to arrange major press events, to forge contacts with leading economics and business journalists, to undertake top level interviews with CNBC, BBC, Bloomberg TV and others. We work with leading executives and institutions to craft effective media statements and we advize on the most effective approaches that our clients need to take to ensure their messages and views are clearly and prominently reflected in the world’s most influential mainstream media.


This is a new service where we shall be providing clients with key understandings of the global landscape of business and public affairs governance and ethics and how this is changing as a result of the rising influence of social media and civil society. We only work with clients dedicated to pursuing the highest levels of integrity and who recognize the core values of transparency and accountability.


We provide in-depth analysis to major public and private institutions with regard to how they should best organize their corporate and external communications, how they should deal with the most serious reputational issues and how they should implement new organizational approaches to secure for themselves a premium international reputation. In the past, for example, we have provided such services to the Asian Development Bank, the African Development Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as to private sector clients.

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